Tech4health is a national network of academic skills gathered around regulation and evaluation of health technologies - medical devices, eHealth and biomaterials - throughout the maturation of products, processes, and methods.


• Contribute to the development and knowledge transfer regarding regulations and evaluation of health technologies
• Offer an expertise in the regulation and evaluation of health technologies domain through its skills network
• Provide skills to researchers, clinicians and industry professionals in order to guide them with the design and realization of clinical studies about health technologies.


The backing of Tech4health by the Clinical investigation centers - technologic innovations (CIC-IT), an organization that has been approved in 2008 by the Inserm and the General Direction of Provision of Care, coordinating the 8 centers dedicated to innovation and research concerning health technology, having perfect mastery of the maturation cycle of a medical device, from the idea to the  bringing to market
Six more organizations associated in the creation that enable to cover, nationally, the whole of main skills in clinical research and medical device evaluation.
The network experience in terms of clinical research on the medical device amounts to 256 projects, including ANR, PHRC, and European projects. Local centers in academic hospitals and proximity with clinical services. Different skills in varied application domains.

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